Meet with Property Owner - to gather information about the Subject Property & the Assets that are to be included in the sale.

Viewing of the Subject Property - to gather further information about the Property & Assets, as well as the surrounding community.

Valuation of the Subject Property - in order to determine an Estimate of Current Market Value. This includes a comparison to other Properties that are currently for sale as well as those that have sold recently.

Determine the Targeted Buyers - and develop a Marketing Plan aimed at reaching those Buyers.

Meet with the Property Owners - to review steps 3 & 4, determine the List Price to be used, List the Property for sale through RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty.

Implement the Marketing Plan - & draw up an information package to be distributed to Potential Buyers.

Once a Qualified Buyer - is found, draw up and deliver an Offer to the Seller's.

After Acceptance of an Offer - continue to follow the progress of the sale up to Possession/Closing Date to ensure that all Conditions and Terms contained in the Offer are completed on time.

Deliver Possession - to the successful Buyers on Possession Day.

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