Our Marketing Approach

Web Sites

All properties are advertised on a minimum of 3 Web Sites:

  • RE/MAX Canada - www.remax.ca.
    RE/MAX continues to be the number 1 Real Estate Company in the World! With offices located in 65 Countries throughout the World, you know that Prospective Buyers will be looking at the RE/MAX Web Site when they are searching for Properties that may suit their needs!

  • MLS - Multiple Listing Service - www.realtor.ca.
    Developed for both Buyers/Sellers & REALTORS this Web Site has listings of Licensed REALTORS across Canada. An extremely valuable tool which shows your property not only to Buyers but also to other REALTORS who are looking for Property on behalf of their Buyer Clients!

  • Our Website Website - www.farmandranch-remax-bluechip-yorkton.ca.
    RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty has its own Saskatchewan Farm & Ranch website for potential Buyers and Agents who are looking for property in Saskatchewan! It goes without saying that Buyers will be sure to look through the RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty Website in the area that they are looking for property in, whether it is Saskatchewan, Western Canada, or all of Canada.

For Sale Sign.

The installation of a For Sale Sign will show local Buyers that your farm property is for sale.


Real Estate Specific/Classified Ads.

The use of Real Estate Specific/Classified Ads in local newspapers will market your property to immediate area prospective Buyers and Agents.

Agent Communication with other Agents.

Real Estate Agents are constantly in contact with other Agents in their day to day dealings for clients. This communication allows for the personal conveying of information from Agent to Agent about Saskatchewan farm land properties that may suit an Agents Buyers needs!

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