Buying Land in Saskatchewan

The purchase of Farm Land is generally a long term hold, and as such, care should be taken to find the right property.  By meeting with one of our Agriculture Specialists, we will be able to develop a Buyers Plan tailored to your needs.  This process has been carefully developed in order to help you the Buyer, find the Farm Property that you have been looking for!


What do we Need to know?

  • Domestic or Foreign Buyer?
  • Type of Land ~ Grain/Livestock/Recreation/Commercial?
  • With or without Yardsite - How many Yardsites? With or without buildings?  What type of buildings?  House, Shop, Storage, Garage, Grain Bins, Barns/Corrals?
  • How much land?  Room for Future Expansion?  Location?
  • Area Amenities ~ Schools, Hospitals, Groceries, Equipment, Grain Handling,
  • Grain Marketing, Livestock Markets, Veterinary, Fertilizer & Chemical Dealers?
  • Long or Short Term Purchase?  Timeline; purchase completed by what date?
  • Cash or Financing?  Pre-Approved?  Letter of Approval or Guarantee of Funds?
  • Equipment?  Tenants needed or Farming on own?


When is Best Time to view and/or find the right Farm?

The Selling & Buying of Farm Land has become a Year Round Business.  Possession Dates may be set depending on the time of year and needs of both Seller & Buyer.  While the months of May to November provide the best opportunity to actually view the land, many showings and transactions are completed during the Winter months as well.  Out Agriculture Specialists are familiar with the various areas that we serve and will be able to give you an idea of what the land base is like in each of these areas whether Winter or Summer!


When should I start my search?

While there is no single answer to this question, the earlier, the better.  Many Buyers now start their search a full year or more in advance!  This allows our Agents the opportunity to be of the most advantage to you in searching for and finding the Farm Property that best suits your requirements.  This is also advantageous to the Seller who needs to make plans for Grain/Livestock Sales, place to live, equipment sale, etc. 


Benefits of a Buyers Brokerage Contract:

  • Ag Division - dedicated to finding that farm property or ranch land you have been searching for.
  • Ag Agents- throughout Eastern Saskatchewan giving access to a variety of Farm Land in the area.
  • Access to Un-Listed Farms - that may otherwise be unavailable for Purchase.
  • We do the leg work and screening of potential Farms on your behalf which saves you time and money from looking at unsuitable properties. We are not in the business of showing you properties that do not meet your requirements.
  • Assures Sellers - of Farm Land that the Buyer is indeed serious about purchasing.
  • Assures the Buyer that they have a Brokerage committed to working on their behalf.
  • Assures the Brokerage - that the Buyer is indeed committed to purchasing a Farm which allows our Agents to move forward in the search for a suitable property.
  • No calling - every Ad in the Newspaper or Websites to find out you are getting nowhere.
  • By committing - to our Brokerage, we commit to you, providing you with peace of mind knowing you have someone working on your side.
  • All Sizes of Farms - whether Private Individual or Corporate Farms, we are able to handle transactions of all sizes.


There are many factors that will play a part in finding the Saskatchewan Farm Property that you have been  searching for.  Our Ag Division has the knowledge and experience you need to make your purchase a smooth & comfortable process.  Give one of our Agriculture Specialists a call today to discuss the benefits of our Exclusive Buyers Programand get started on your way to a positive and successful transaction!

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